Public Information

Let me introduce you the CI of Kumho Tire which move towards to the beautiful future. (Refer to group information)
Our signature expresses the will to become a Company committed to creating a beautiful future with customers.

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Kumho Tire Signature


KT Red
RGB : 239.0.16
KT Dark Gray
RGB : 69.75.82
KT Gray
RGB : 110.110.110
KT Silver (or PANTONE 877 C or 877 U)
When matching a silver paint, match to PANTONE 877U. For vinyl match to 3M 180C-220 (Light Silver Metallic) or LG LB9350 KT (Block out)
KT Light Gray
RGB : 215.215.215
KT Black
RGB : 0.0.0
RGB : 255.255.255
Signature Color Variation
Close attention to background color should be required because it plays an important role in maximizing the visual effect. The visual clarity must be maintained in any case. Different colors of rectangles are used to illustrate an example, and none of the geometrical shapes should be used as a part of Logo Mark.
  • kumhotire white
  • kumhotire red
Incorrect Use of Signature
The shape and combination of a Logo Mark is an important factor when delivering the image of a company, and the Logo Mark must be used in accordance since the unique image of a company may be damaged otherwise. If you have any questions on the use of the Logo Mark, they should be clarified by the corresponding department prior to the use.
  • Examples of Incorrect Use of Signature
  • DO NOT use other colors

    DO NOT rearrange signature components

    DO NOT place text or other elements within the clear space

    DO NOT rotate the signature

  • Examples of Incorrect Use of Signature
  • DO NOT place the signature on a gradient

    DO NOT place reverse signa- ture on a background with in- sufficient contrast

    DO NOT place the two-color reverse signature on a clash- ing background

    DO NOT place the signature on a photograph that compromises leg- ibility