Kumho Tire challenges
the competitive business world
Talented people that are needed at Kumho Tire are as follows. Objective HR system, strong welfare system, and HR supporting system at Kumho Tire can be checked in detail.
Work system focused on role and competency
In order to increase the focus on ‘work’ and ‘performance’, Kumho Tire is separately operating the naming hierarchy of work system and social system. Promotion of the role is decided based on the performance and competency improvement results in the current role, and ‘graduation’ qualification will be assigned. Then based on the discussion on the capacity of the future assignment, an ‘entry’ qualification will be assigned to a higher position. Kumho Tire is operating a promotional system focused on past performance and future capacity.

Work system focused on role and competency graph

Performance management system
The performance management is categorized into competency evaluation where knowledge/skill necessary for the work, personal activity characteristics during the work execution are measured and evaluated, and performance evaluation where work execution results and efficiency/effectiveness of work are measured and evaluated.

Performance management system

Leadership, Kumho Tire common competency, Group common competency, Task competency
Compensation system
The compensation system of Kumho Tire is a differentiated annual salary system that clearly provides corporate, team or individual goals within the responsibility of the members and compensates by the performance of the organization or individual. The annual salary system is designed to compensate to the lower level individual the salary level of the higher level when high ratings on the performance is given.

Compensation system graph